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spacer Make Money by Selling Access to Electrical Outlets for Charging Laptops, Cell Phones and E-Bikes

SafePlug A2E electrical outlets can boost the profits of any location where people gather in three ways:
    1) profits from charging electronics,
    2) attracting more customers, and
    3) keeping customers in your store longer. 
You can sell electrical outlet access time without changing your business model.

Profits with a 20-minute outlet access priced at $0.50:

Profits with a 20-minute outlet access priced at $1.00:

In captive audience locations such as airports, sport centers, convention centers, hotel lobbies, hospital waiting areas, people need electrical outlet access for charging laptops and cell phones. In coffee shops and restaurants, access to electricity can encourage customers to linger longer and purchase more of your products.  
  • Make $500 to $10,000 per year (depending on usage)  from each electrical SafePlug A2E pay-per-use outlet you install.
  •  Uses couterfeit-resistant A2E Pre-Paid Power access cards.
  • Proven safe product design - certified to UL and CSA standards.
  • One-minute, easy retrofit of existing outlets for profit.
  • Patented, secure technology at a low cost!

 Access2Energy (A2E)

SafePlug Model 1200-9913 outlets allow access to electricity only when using a A2E Pre-Paid Power card or keyfob.  To use the SafePlug outlet, the customer simply plugs in his laptop, cell phone charger, e-bike or any other electrical device and then taps the outlet with a A2E card or keyfob.  The receptacle turns on for a fixed duration and then turns off.

SafePlug A2E outlets have an anti-"bully" feature for unattended charging.  If the plug is removed during a charge period and another plug inserted, the new plug receives no power.  Only the paid-for plug receives power.

SafePlug A2E access cards or keyfobs turn on power at any SafePlug 1200-A2E electrical outlet.  Each card or keyfob contains access credits for 10 or 20 blocks of access time.  Each block of time can be 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes duration.  You choose the card configuration when you purchase a package of cards to resell in your stores. Your business name and logo can be printed on each A2E card or keyfob.

Optionally, SafePlug A2E cards or keyfobs can be bulk ordered to only work with SafePlug receptacles in your store chain. Then customers must buy their disposable A2E cards from your store only.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

SafePlug Model 1200-9917 Secure outlets prevent unauthorized access to your electricity.  Keep your costs down by preventing electricity theft.  Prevent accidental shock from accidental contact with live outlet sockets.  Only facility equipment can get access to electricity; other plug-in equipment is electronically locked out.

More Information?

Make huge profits today!  Call 2D2C Inc. directly at (519) 884-3100 now or read through the website to learn more.  


To start up an additional profit stream, simply install a SafePlug 1200-A2E outlet over an existing electrical outlet.   Then sell A2E access cards to customers that need to charge up cell phones, laptops or e-bikes.

A customer can get access to electricity by plugging into a SafePlug 1200-A2E outlet and then touching a A2E card or keyfob to the 1200-A2E to turn on the receptacle for a period of time.


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